January Recap


36 Species of birds were observed for the month of January with the highlights being 7 different species of hummingbirds observed (Calliope, Buff-bellied, Rufous, Allen’s, Ruby-throated, Black-chinned and Broad-tailed). The Allen’s hummingbird that made its first appearance on September 29, 2020 departed for its western breeding grounds around January 24. The Calliope hummingbird became an every day visitor even securing feeder territory for the last two weeks of January and still continues today.

Plants/Yard up-keep:

With the arrival of spring less than two months away, I began working on improving existing habitat plots as well as creating two new wildflower plots in the yard. Major weeding and grass removal was completed to make it easier to see where and if additions should be planted. A lot of new growth due to the abnormally warm temperatures was seen as last year’s wildflowers and salvia began to grow in their respective plots. 6 yards of soil were added in plots that showed errosion as well as the new plots to replace the existing grass. Two new bottlebrush trees were added and a few blooming salvia plants were included to fill in places where last years seed did not seem to take hold.

Overall not a whole lot of activity but excitement is beginning to build for the arrival of spring and migrating birds!

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