Wintering Hummingbird Recap

The wintering season for hummingbirds is slowly winding to a close with many hummingbirds starting their migration westward to their breeding grounds so I wanted to recap what was seen this season. One of my goals prior to the season was to be more prepared by setting up more feeders as well as provide naturalContinue reading “Wintering Hummingbird Recap”

January Recap

Birds: 36 Species of birds were observed for the month of January with the highlights being 7 different species of hummingbirds observed (Calliope, Buff-bellied, Rufous, Allen’s, Ruby-throated, Black-chinned and Broad-tailed). The Allen’s hummingbird that made its first appearance on September 29, 2020 departed for its western breeding grounds around January 24. The Calliope hummingbird becameContinue reading “January Recap”

How it all started

Hello!  My name is Chris Bick and I am passionate about creating backyard habitats that resident, migrating and wintering species of birds can use for their benefit.  I’ve spent the last two years attempting to develop my backyard into habitat that would attract birds, butterflies and bees. I’ve had so much fun learning and seeingContinue reading “How it all started”